At Plauché Maselli Parkerson, we recognize that response time matters and we are always prepared to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and engage the right experts. We regularly defend drivers, owners, lessees, and individual contractors and insurers. We are available for immediate pre-suit investigations and all litigation needs after suits are filed.

Frequently, we are also engaged in the late stages of litigation because we can quickly analyze liability and damages, expeditiously preparing cases for trial. We strategically identify opportunities for resolution using motion practice to minimize insured expenses.

Representative Cases

  • Defense jury verdict with 90% fault assigned to plaintiff driver in low impact motor vehicle accident involving five total plaintiffs with claims including traumatic brain injury, herniated discs, and other injuries. 

  • Defense verdict on punitive damages and comparative fault assignment in "road rage" wrongful death and survival action arising from the deaths of five people in a motor-vehicle accident involving allegations of intoxication.

  • Defense (zero) jury verdict in favor of trucking company and insurer in case involving high-speed intersectional collision and serious personal injuries with subsequent defense judgment denying motion to nullify jury verdict based on juror misconduct. 

  • Defense jury verdict in SUV rollover accident involving fractured thoracic vertebra with surgery requiring instrumentation. 

  • Defense verdict affirmed on appeal in property damage claim arising out of hit-and-run accident.  

  • Defense jury verdict affirmed on appeal in SUV rollover accident with allegations of traumatic brain injury. 

  • Summary judgment affirmed on appeal in 41-vehicle collision in fog/smoke condition on interstate involving claims of wrongful death and substantial bodily injury.

  • Pre-trial resolution of 42 consolidated claims and 13 lawsuits against beer and liquor distributor arising out of a motor vehicle accident on St. Patrick's Day and involving claims of wrongful death, punitive damages and other substantial injuries. 

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