Plauché Maselli Parkerson has represented distribution and transmission pipeline operators, as well as propane suppliers, in all types of tort and contract claims. With the most extensive pipeline safety experience in our geographic region, our attorneys have defended clients against claims involving fires, explosions, product releases, and/or leaks. Operators across the nation trust us for first response, crisis communications, and assembling expert teams. We listen and assess, then develop defenses in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, as well as industry standards, customs and best practices.

We possess the expertise and practical knowledge to meet the complex and always evolving demands required for the highest levels of fire investigations, and the strenuous requirements of law and practice on the admissibility of expert testimony (under Daubert/Kumho) and the preservation of evidence.

We have pre-trial, trial, and alternative-dispute resolution experience in federal and state courts nationwide. We focus on representing natural gas utilities and pipeline operators throughout Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle.

Representative Cases

  • Defended natural gas distribution company through jury verdict, including proof of comparative fault of other parties, in a wrongful death case involving a fire erupting due to underground migration of natural gas from a leak in a gas main 

  • Defended a natural gas distribution company against claims by a HVAC technician for burn injuries sustained while attempting to light a furnace. 

  • Represented one of three pipeline companies which lost pipelines due to failure of underlying salt cavern, trying liability phase of sprawling litigation to verdict. 

  • Defended a natural gas distribution company in a wrongful death action arising from an explosion caused by an excavator who cut a marked gas line.

  • Defended a transmission pipeline in trial court and court of appeal against commercial claims arising out of hurricane damaged pipeline, obtaining summary judgment based on federal preemption, which was affirmed on appeal.

  • Represented transmission pipeline against nuisance and personal injury claims arising out of a pipeline rupture and defeated effort to certify class action.

  • Represented transmission pipeline in pre-suit investigation, evaluation, and settlement of dozens of claims for damages arising out of pipeline rupture-and-release incident.

  • Defended natural gas distribution company against claims for personal injuries and property damage arising from an explosion caused by a directional bore that cut a marked gas line.

  • Represented natural gas distribution company against claims for damages for burn injuries sustained in a fire from alleged gas leak inside of an apartment. 

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